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The Open Access policy adopted by the University of European Political

and Economic Studies “C. Stere”

     University of European Political and Economic Studies „C. Stere” (USPEE “C. Stere”) recognizes the strategic importance of the global Open Access initiative for the open dissemination of knowledge. The university’s journals aim to benefit from opportunities for the development of digital content and the widespread distribution of local knowledge through a digital environment.

     Articles are published under the CC-BY license. Authors who publish in USPEE scientific journals “C. Stere” retains the copyright to their works, granting them a license under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which allows articles to be reused and redistributed without restriction, as long as the original work is cited correctly. Everyone has the right to use the published work, if they comply with the provisions of the CC-BY license. By submitting the work, the author grants the publisher the right to publish it.

     USPEE”C. Stere” is committed to disseminating scientific results based on the principles of open access, to encourage researchers to support the global open access initiative, by publishing their articles in open access journals, achieving the best standards of research and dissemination of research results.

The basic strategies of publishing research in an Open Access format:

  1. Implementation of Open Access to scientific publications through two complementary models: a) self-archiving in the Institutional Repertoire of USPEE ”C. Stere” and b) publication of all USPEE scientific journals in the international register DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals).
  2. All publications, published by the university in their own scientific journals, will be included in the institutional deposit “C. Stere” on the date of publication. The journal does not charge any fees for publishing articles in open access. The journal does not charge any other fees to authors. 
  3. The permission granted by the authors to the publisher is a non-exclusive irrevocable license, which exercises all the rights provided by copyright; allows the distribution of published materials in Open Access, provided that they are not used for profit.
  4. The policy of USPEE ”C. Stere” on open access provides a mandate for implementation of an institutional open access in ROARMAP (Register of mandates and open access repository policies), which authorizes open access to the results of scientific research adopted by universities and research institutions that require their researchers to provide open access to research articles evaluated by colleagues.
  5. Content of the USPEE institutional repository “C. Stere” will be registered in IBN (National Bibliographic Register with open access). This policy will apply to all published scientific articles, except for publications launched before the adoption of this policy.
  6. All relevant parties – departments that host and support scientific research, researchers that generate research results, librarians and other stakeholders, should promote a rapid and efficient transition to Open Access publishing.